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Diabetic Foot Infection / Wounds & Ulcer Precaution

Diabetic Foot Infection / Wounds & Ulcer Precaution;  

There are many complications of diabetes as mentioned in previous post (Harms of Hyperglycemia or High Diabetes). Let’s discuss some precaution for prevention from diabetic wound, Ulcer, and diabetic foot as well, moreover, diabetic wounds are not a simple wounds these contains too much challenging and wounds comprising on slough, smell/odor, and exudation, rather than whose management are too difficult.

Let’s know what is diabetic foot, ulcer;

The diabetic foot is a type of wound due to hyperglycemia which complicate the any wound that occurs on or around the foot by external source, similarly, in Ulcer the skin of foot is lost on account of severe contamination of Anaerobic, Aerobic bacteria, and Yeast & fungi. Finally the wound is changed from normal to diabetic wound (diabetic foot, Ulcer) wherein arteries & arterioles, veins & veinoles or both may be involved, whereupon, protective sensations (activeness of Neurons) is lost. Keeping in view the aforementioned scenario the option of amputation could be considered by the surgeon.

Risk factors for diabetic wound especially diabetic foot and ulcer;

There are following risk factors for Diabetic Wound especially diabetic foot and Ulcer.
  1. Previous history of wounds.
  2. Outlying Neuropathy.
  3. Structural defect.
  4. Poor diabetes control.
  5. Lacking of functionality.
  6. Smoking.

Common sites of diabetic foot & other wounds;

  • Claw and Dorsum Toes
  • Metatarsal Head.
  • Spaces among the fingers
  • Heel.

Precautions regarding diabetic wounds;

  1. For best treatment of Diabetic Wounds including diabetic foot & Ulcer, the diabetes to be controlled via medicine and insulin as prescribed by the Doctor.
  2. Examine the aforesaid wound sites on daily basis. 
  3. If the wound is existing then don’t ignore it being diabetes patient.
  4. Use soft shoes almost 30 percent wound’s reason is rigid shoes.
  5. Don’t walk with bare foot on roads, construction sites, forest areas etc.


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