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Coronavirus? Symptoms & Safety Measures for Prevention

Corona virus? Symptoms & Safety Measures for Prevention

The novel Corona virus (2019-nCoV) cases first reported in Wuhan which is the city of Peoples Republic of China in December 2019 and it is also known with the name of COVID-2019 by the report of World Health Organization and worldwide. At this time Corona virus (2019-nCoV) / (COVID-2019) is spreading day by day in almost whole world, more than 109 countries have infected by this deadly virus.
After the lapsed of 3 months, and Corona virus is targeting and spreading like atomic explosion, unfortunately, there has no discovered proper medications or Vaccination so far. Recently, some medicines research institutions have revealed that the vaccination has been prepared but to check the result of vaccination is in trial phase.

Symptoms of Corona virus Infection;

Corona virus may enter into the body via mouth, nose, and eyes. Corona virus directly attacks and create infection in respiratory track and create infection whereby following symptoms occurs,
1.      Fever
2.      Cough
3.      Difficulty in breathing, which can be either Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) or Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS).

In Fact, the above said symptoms are the common symptoms of pneumonia that is why, how can we fix the Corona virus infection, so, if the aforementioned symptoms occurs then immediately contact with yours Doctor or nearest hospital for medical consultancy.

Safety Measures for Prevention of Corona virus Infection

  1. Wash your hands times and again with soap regularly and frequently so that if the virus is existing on hands be removed.
  2. Don't be panic.
  3. Restrain from touching eyes, nose, and mouth because the virus may be transferred from hands to respiratory track.
  4. Keep the distance from patients who have flue, sneezing, fever, and cough because the virus can be transmitted through cough, flue, and sneezing from one to another easily.
  5. To remain safe from corona virus you have to get information about it and be kind to support one another.
  6. Keep in touch with Medical Consultant.
  7. Must follow the authentic public health advice from reliable source.
  8. Keep in touch to get latest news, updates, and precaution for safety measures.
  9. Please pass on the real and accurate messages regarding corona virus and don't spread the rumors.
  10. Keep away yourself from illogical negotiations, anxiety, and tension.
  11. Avoid close contact with those peoples suffering from fever, cold, cough and sneezing and be kept out sick animals as well.
  12. Eat well cooked food and avoid for spitting anywhere, particularly, public places.
  13. Persons who are patients of pneumonia or fever, flue, cough sneezing perform their responsibilities by covering their mouth during cough and sneezing with tissues, masks, or cloth.
  14. Those are using masks are requested to use the mask for single time only,  before wearing and after removing mask the hands be washed up properly with soap.


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