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Hire Leaf Labor for Healthy Life

According to Botany leaf is an organ of a vascular plant. Leaves and stalk together make the shoot. Leaves manufacture food for plant. Leaves are different in size, shape, and other characteristics. Leaves have veins from which transport materials to and from the leaf. The main function of a leaf is photosynthesis in addition, the plants absorbs light energy gives green color to plant (chlorophyll). The aforementioned information are related to structure of leaves. Now I would like to converse the most prominent function of leaf from his life to death. Leaf works for 24 hours to make the healthy life of human kind because we all well aware that plant’s leaves absorb carbon dioxide and release back oxygen into the atmosphere and that oxygen is very necessary for human’s life. These leaves of plants keep the environment clean and also help to reduce the temperature. Each leaf work for free of cost with 100% appropriate duty. I want to bring your kind consideration to very important point…