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Evacuation of American Soldiers from Afghanistan begun

Evacuation of American Soldiers from Afghanistan begun

After the incident of 9/11, the American forces were fighting with Taliban since 1999/2000 to onward. They may have met their target after almost 20 years war fighting in Afghanistan. Furthermore, countless destruction and killing of peoples during the war fighting and billions of dollars have been spent and occurred for fighting and winning the war. But, the end of war in Afghanistan has led to agreement between Taliban and United Sate of America.

Consequent upon the agreement between America and Taliban the process of evacuation of American Soldiers have begun, in addition, as per agreement the Number of soldiers whose were deployed in Afghanistan would be lessen till 6 to 8 thousands, Cornel Sony legate said . This is another step to peace by both sides, moreover, if the Taliban implement on agreement accordingly, the remaining American Soldiers would be called back within 14 months.

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