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Corona-Virus crashed NYSE/ JPX & World Stock Markets

Corona-Virus crashed NYSE/ JPX & whole World Stock Markets

Deadly and spreading corona virus is hitting one after another, its effects not only to the extent of human it also has hit to stock market of whole world. The World’s famous and busiest stock markets have crashed to unbearable level.

The all world’s stock markets crashed due to fear of Corona Virus and the prices of Oils has fallen to least level of last 29 years.

According to current status, Kuwait Index, Qatar and London Stock Exchange, New York Stock Market, and Sydney Stock Market are suffering very badly on account of fear of Corona Virus due to the lacking of unity among the countries and OPEC countries, the Russian’s traders are facing loss from 100 Million to 150 Million US dollars on daily basis which is the question mark for whole world stock markets.

The Saudi Arabian and its allied countries have forwarded the request to reduce the production of oil to Russian traders and they refused whereby the price of oil of international market has lessened from 6 to 7 dollar per barrel.

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