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    Tricks to lose weight according to present circumstances

    Tricks to lose weight according to present circumstances In this age the technologies are giving us a lot of relaxation, calm instead of work out hard, for example, in the past time peoples travelled long distance without any kinds of convince likewise locomotive/automotive except animal riding. They mostly travelled by animals or on foot in resulting they were fit, active, and smart.   Now in modern century the physical work out has been decreased due to luxury life style, luxury travelling etc. only the work out is recommended by the Doctors and performed in the fitness center, gym under the supervision of expert trainers. This is the nice approach to remain…

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    Exercise can control diabetes

    Exercise can control diabetes The Exercise can control diabetes The diabetes is fastest growing day by day and the information & awareness regarding it is very necessary for everyone, we don’t know who would be the next carrier, so don’t worry about diabetes because the treatment and precautions are available, this is very useful for the patients of diabetes. It is crystal clear that exercise can control diabetes, but the problem is that which types of exercise to be done, and which types of exercises are friendly and can be performed easily. There are the following suggestions or proposals for the patients of diabetes through they can gain many advantages;…

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    Let’s know what-is Diabetes? with its causes/types.

    Let’s know what-is Diabetes? Let’s know what is Diabetes? It is submitted that no doubts the diabetes is very serious as well as dangerous, the every food which is eaten and converted into sugar/glucose and these sugar/glucose provide the energy to body for doing routine matters, further, sometime we directly take the sugar/glucose like soft drinks, chocolates, white sugar, and other items which contains heavy sugar contents is dangerous to body and can causes the diabetes. But it does not mean that these only things can cause the diabetes, it is just for information. Who control the Sugar/glucose level in blood naturally? The pancreas is an organ of our body…