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    New Year 2020 how was celebrated?

    New Year 2020 how was celebrated? The New Year 2020 was celebrated almost in whole world according to their respective resources. New Year 2020 Celebration in New Zealand First of all the event regarding welcoming of new year 2020 was celebrated in New-Zealand, the city of New Zealand was decorated with many and different colorful lights and the demonstration of fireworks was very impressive. New Year 2020 Celebration in America. In United States of America, the ceremony regarding welcoming of New Year 2020 was celebrated at Times Square New York, in which many peoples participated and the scene of lightning and fireworks were very outstanding. Other than, the Sky Tower of…

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    What is a wealth in fact and its factors?

    What is a wealth in fact and its factors? Let’s try to know. According to present circumstances it is apparent that wealth is considered to the extent of Money or bank balance only. Too many debates were conducted to clear the meaning of wealth, the prudent persons of the community of whole worlds derived the effective conclusions from the researches, probing, daily routine, and health education that, wealth is not have the complete meaning with regard to money but it is comprising on following two views; 1- Views before maturity with respect to wealth. 2- Views after maturity with respect to wealth. Views before maturity with respect to wealth Views before…

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    Heart can be Won and Broken by using of words

    Heart can be won and broken by using of words (therefore to be thought before speaking). I have derived this topic from negotiations of senior citizens and views of teachers who have deep connection with literature then i started effort to know the views of different peoples that have different approach of thinking with each other. I am very surprised to know that there are many types of approach of thinking of peoples. Some people are careful about their respective relationships, some are quite blunt, some are  careless, some are too much happy, some are too much sad, some are so much disappointed, some peoples are healthy & joyful and…

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    When relationships become risky?

    When relationships become risky? let’s know Today I will discuss about main root of destruction of relationships. In initiation we often feel that ego in relationships is the base to become different personalities, subsequent, they shall become alone in life. I know that, this is a very difficult topic to understand because each person try to keep ego in relationships by some superiority to others. If you have any specialty, such as higher education, knowledge, beauty, wealth that make you special to others, but, it does not mean that you bring up ego in view of aforesaid superiority. The specialty is just for making different and merely for working in…

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    Causes to live alone & How to Save from loneliness?

    Causes to live alone & How to Save from loneliness? There are following causes may be for living alone in life; Bad Attitude Some People Extreme Love / Failure in love Circumstances Bad Attitude The bad attitude is a biggest element to live alone, if the attitude is sweet and good, so, there is no problem to live together with loves one. If the attitude becomes bitter or bad, then, closed relation can be spoiled. In initially the every closed relation will try to adjust, but, they can’t bear beyond the limit, with the passage of time relationships get weak and make unable to continue. Another major harms of bad…

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    Save the Ozone by growing Trees

    Save the Ozone Save the Ozone by growing Trees Moving towards advanced century the requirements of human are increasing with the passage of time, we are cutting down the trees and forest to acquire land for building house, societies. Unfortunately, the land mafia or builders converts the forest and agriculture land into societies more than requirements of houses for profit. No doubt, population of countries are growing very fast and needs of the houses are also increasing but it does has meant that the forest and trees be removed over the necessities.  Role of trees in Environment Tree has very important role in environment by providing oxygen and absorption of…